Chairperson: Greg Turano

Secretary: Jim Penders

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  1. Hi,
    I’m currently the Chair of the Parents Association in St. Clares Primary School in Manorhamilton. As you may be aware there are students attending the school from many different cultures and nationalities. We will be having our Annual General Meeting in late October and would like to invite someone from the Intercultural Form to meet with some of the parents do discuss the many cultures in Manorhamilton and the surrounding region. Would someone from the Intercultural Forum be in a position to do this?

    Kind regards
    Sean McGagh
    087 9984439

  2. St Clares Primary School Manorhamilton Parents Association would like to thank Greg Turano, Chair of the Leitrim Intercultural Forum, for his talk at the Parents Association Annual General Meeting on 20 October 2015. Greg outlined the role of the Forum, discussed his home country and his experience of living in Manorhamilton. Much appreciated Greg

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