FARE Football People Action Weeks
8th – 22nd October 2015
Following on from the success of last year’s FARE Football People Action Weeks,
SARI will be co-ordinating events again this year in the Republic of Ireland. As part
of the programme we will be organising matches between residents of Direct Provison
Centres – and other communities at risk of discrimination – and their local Airtricity
League Club. Last year a number of matches took place against Drogheda United, St.
Patrick’s Athletic, Sligo Rovers, UCD (pictured above) and others. The plan is that
the two teams play an 11-a-side match in the club stadium and meet for tea and
refreshments afterwards.
We would also hope that the League of Ireland clubs would extend an invitation to
their guests to one of their home matches.
SARI will also be travelling around the country delivering football training sessions
and anti-discrimination workshops during the two week period to children aged 11-
14. If your community, school or organisation would like to take part in this then
please contact us at: info@sari.ie

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