Welcome to the website of The Leitrim Intercultural Forum

The Intercultural Forum is a community based group composed of representatives from migrant communities living in Leitrim. The group offers a range of services to the migrant communities, who have come to reside in County Leitrim. We have two branches one in North Leitrim and one in South Leitrim.
LIF aims to establish a collective representative voice for the migrant communities in Leitrim. We are committed to the integration of migrants into local community live, while celebrating our differences and diversity we aim to build a cohesive society through shared experiences and shared spaces within our communities.

DSC_2314 Forum Logo DSC_1507 DSC_1713 DSC_1626 DSC_1635 DSC_1629 IMG_0053 IMG_0078 IMG_0095 IMG_0152 IMG_0194 IMG_0207 IMG_0183 IMG_0125 IMG_0100 IMG_3717 market-yard 548336_4586007819326_1435019723_n DSC_2378 IMG_3661 IMG_3660


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